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A caregiver is someone that gives personal support and care. On most cases, the assistance they give are to those who are sick, physically or mentally ill, and physically disabled. Their tasks may include, but not limited to, bathing, grooming, feeding, and various house chores.

Construction Worker

A construction worker is responsible for doing and assisting various tasks in the construction site. Their primary responsibilities include loading/unloading materials, mixing and pouring concrete, and many more.

Factory Worker

For this line of work, the job description may vary, depending on the industry. The usual tasks of a factory worker include processing, packing, collecting, measuring, mixing, and cooking various materials. In some cases, they might asked to operate certain types of machines.


Along with progressing different livestock, this job also focuses on cultivating crops. Thus, it will require a large amount of time in the field(s). In some cases, your task will also concern managing and operating the farm.


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